Our pal, the legendary Albin Johnson, is back with more coin collecting news.

Hey gang,
Two years ago we put out a limited edition coin featuring my personal logo: Vader’s Fist with the motto, the five tenets of the Codex Fundator, and twenty stars marking the Legion’s two decades of excellence. I am very proud of this sigil. It represents the might of the Empire that I envisioned for the Legion.

Recently a coin collector friend of mine suggested we do a _very_ small run of the coin in the “stealth” style: monochrome, understated. An artist optimized the logo for the best effect in stealth mode (see attached). The Walking Wounded Detachment stealth coins came out gorgeous, so I’m sure this will look just as good if not better.

Ordering information:
* Coins are $7 apiece (or $5 apiece for orders of five or more)
* Shipping is $3 for every five ordered ($6 outside the U.S.)
* You can pre-order by sending payment via PayPal to trooper.tk210@gmail.com
* Please use the Goods & Services option, and please list your address and what you are ordering in the transaction notes.

Orders being taken until October 31st. Coins ship in late November.

All profits from the coin sales benefit the Prisma Children’s Hospital where Katie was treated in 2005. For more information on her hospital please visit:


Thank you for making the 501st Legion a special family for Star Wars fans worldwide.