The Mando Mondays goodness reverberates through a busy newsweek and the team at Star Wars Topps Trader bring news of more reveals and releases.

After the airing “Chapter 12: The Siege” of The Mandalorian, The Topps Company celebrates another weekly exclusive “Mando Mondays,” where fans get a chance to collect exclusive cards chronicling memorable moments from each episode in its popular digital collectibles app, Star Wars: Card Trader by Topps.

From Chapter 12’s episode, the digital collectibles highlight everything from the gang’s visit to the imperial base all the way to Moff Gideon’s cryptic scene in the Star Destroyer! This exclusive release features cards chronicling the best moments from this week’s episode – old characters return, epic adventures and more.

Cards will be available in the Pack Store starting at 4PM ET on 11/23 through 11/30 so head into the app now to complete this 12-card set and unlock a special award card.

Download Star Wars™: Card Trader by Topps® free in the iTunes App Store or Google Play Store:

Images from this afternoon’s release from Chapter 12 are available here. Take a look at images from Chapter 9Chapter 10 and Chapter 11, and stay tuned for another exciting drop next week!