With Christmas just around the corner, the patch elves at R2-KT bring us news of their 2020 Christmas patches and here’s Albin Johnson – R2-KT’s man servant – with all the news.

Happy Holidays!

It’s finally the time of year when the coldest, darkest days are saved by the joy of the holidays. This year we continue our eleven-year tradition of the R2-KT Christmas patches benefiting Toys-for-Tots with two new designs by artists who have never done KT projects before!

Carol of the Droids : Patch #15 in the series by Gina Canady

What do you get when three droids join in song? One of them beeps, one of them cracks wise, and one has a flat monotone voice but knows how to care for a Force-sensitive child. Well if it’s sung with heart, I’m sure the music sounds great. We asked Gina if she could show us how KT and her friends would celebrate Christmas – I think having K2S0 and IG-88 as your friends is pretty cool. And having the Child with you is even better!

Droids under the Mistletoe : Patch #16 in the series by Spencer Brinkerhoff

I personally asked Spencer if he could create an original R2-KT design for us after I saw how amazing his R2-D2 cartoons looked during Star Wars Artist Month. So much expression from a droid! And since I’ve always wanted to do an R2-KT & R2-D2 under the mistletoe for Christmas, I knew I could trust him to make them appear to have a real connection. And wow did he! I love the kissy-holoprojectors and the retro 8-bit style heart – priceless!

It is so exciting to welcome Gina and Spencer to the family of KT artists – and I’m so proud to showcase their work!

Order information:
* Patches are $7 apiece (or $5 apiece for orders of five or more)
* Order by sending payment via PayPal to r2kt@r2kt.com
* Shipping is $1 per five patches ordered within the U.S.
* International shipping is $3 for 1 to 5 patches – please email me at r2kt@r2kt.com for a shipping quote on orders over 5 patches
* Patches will ship in mid December; limited quantity so first-come, first-served
* All proceeds benefit the Toys-for-Tots charity
* Feel free to email me at r2kt@r2kt.com with any questions

With the year drawing to a close, I’m sure all of us would like a little something to cheer us up. These have been tough times, but we stay hopeful for a better tomorrow. Please know just how much we on Team KT appreciate you and your support – we pray you will find happiness and warmth this holiday season!

Stay safe out there and Merry Christmas!