Our pal and R2-KT‘s manservant Albin Johnson is back with the latest patch news and the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day.

Hey everyone!
Two years ago MIchael Gomez created a BEAUTIFUL design in the “Droids Need Hugs” series: a slick-looking TIE Pilot and an adorable KT with her Rebel helmet. Even during this dire time, hugs are important!

For Valentine’s Day we are running this patch again. Doing a small 2nd run of 100 pieces. Feel free to order, if we run out then I can expand the order.

Order information:
* $7 apiece (or $5 apiece for orders of five or more patches in any combination)
* Order by sending payment via PayPal to r2kt@r2kt.com
* Shipping is $1 per five patches ordered within the U.S.
* International shipping is $3 for every 5 patches
* Order starts today, limited quantity, ships in 2 weeks
* 3.5″ round twill with merrowed edge.
* All proceeds benefit the Make-A-Wish Foundation
* Feel free to email me at r2kt@r2kt.com with any questions

Thank you for your support of KT’s Mission of Hope and the Make-A-Wish Foundation! Hopefully one day soon we’ll all be able to hug freely.
In the meantime, be safe out there!


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