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In recent years May the 4th has become a day that most Star Wars fans look forward to, celebrating their fandom in unique ways!

At Fantha Tracks it’s no different. From cosplay to buying Star Wars merchandise, here’s what we do to show our love of Star Wars on May the Fourth!

Clair Henry

You would think being a primary school teacher that I would get to wear Star Wars practically everyday! This is not the case! So this May The fourth I wore my Think Geek Star Wars Ships Ladies blouse and my Po-Zu Resistance Boots!

It was a great day, all my colleagues and children at school know I am a huge Star Wars fan, so all day people wished me “A happy May the fourth!”.


Carl Bayliss

As a musician I have a good working relationship with a local venue, who know about my love of Star Wars, so when they started planning a May 4th celebration night, who did they call? Fast forward a few months and we’d arranged a Star Wars Party night to become the envy of all others (except maybe #Cantina). We had themed drinks, music, Star Wars comedy from the amazing Jonathan Hipkiss and even roped in one the Empire’s finest in the form of the Bad Trooper to help on security!

Hopefully this won’t be the last event we stage so be sure to stay tuned to Fantha Tracks for news as we annouce it.

Richard Hutchinson

I’m starting to wonder if I’m contrary, or just grumpy, but I have no special place for May the Fourth.  Every day is Star Wars for me, although if I had a special day to celebrate it would of course be May 25th!  It’s such a vast and diverse product I can enjoy Star Wars in my own way at my own choosing.  I know longer do midnight screenings of movies as I can enjoy them far more when I’m not so tired!

Mark Newbold

Only dentists have such a cool and regular moment to celebrate their calling (2.30….you know, tooth hurty….) as Star Wars day. Sure, it might not be the real Star Wars day, that will always be May 25th, but who are we to argue with a marketable turn of phrase. Besides, we celebrate Star Wars EVERY day, so there’s no harm in picking one day each year when everyone knows the score.

That said, how will I be celebrating Star Wars day? Well, most likely I’ll be working on the site listening to a Star Wars podcast and checking out the latest news while wearing a Star Wars t-shirt. What makes that any different to the other 6 days of the week for the last 20 years? Very little indeed (apart from the podcasts, not so many of them around in 1998), but it’s certainly cool to see kids coming into the fandom who care not a jot that May 4th has no link to Star Wars other than a cool resemblance to the most famous of all movie lines. If that’s enough to help celebrate the love, then it works for me.

Now, celebrating Star Wars on May 25th is another matter entirely….

Patty Hammond

I am celebrating May The Fourth by wearing Star Wars clothes by Her Universe, attending a local convention and reporting on all the Star Wars happenings at this event. In addition , the biggest thing I will be doing is watching the newly released episodes of Star Wars Forces of Destiny on YouTube!

Johanna Nybelius

I’m celebrating May the Fourth by wearing some Star Wars clothes, and bringing one of my costumes to work. I’m working at Falu Gruva, an historical mine and World Heritage Site, that looks very much like Tatooine. Today I brought my jawa costume to work and took some photos, that we also posted on our official instagram account. It’s definitely the first time Falu Gruva celebrated May the Fourth.