Albin Johnson, the founder of the 501st posted on Facebook his congratulations to the new Commander of the 501st Legion, Stefan Cembolista.

Stefan has been heavily involved in the 501st for many years. As CO of the Belgian Garrison he was a key part in Caravan of the Force which saw 3 future members of Fantha Tracks (myself, Matt Booker and Dave Tree) and James Burns from Jedi News travel around Europe, escorting Jeremy and Maureen Bulloch to Celebration Europe 2 in Essen, Germany. Stefan and the Belgian Garrison gave us a stellar welcome to their country as we passed through, meeting us at the iconic Atomium and hosting a party for us on our journey.

Here’s how Albin announced the news on his page.

We very much looks forward to seeing Stefan at events around the world in the future, and again huge congratulations from Fantha Tracks.