That’s the scuttlebutt that We Got This Covered claim to have heard that Lando Calrissian and Qi’ra from Solo: A Star Wars Story will be receiving their own series on the streaming service which launches in the US later this year and around the rest of the world sometime after that.

With Rogue One getting a prequel series in the form of Cassian Andor and the recently wrapped The Mandalorian taking place just a few short years after the conclusion of Return of the Jedi, the streaming service appears to be the place to be for expanding untold histories. If the We Got This Covered rumour turns out to hold water then bringing Qi’ra  to mainstream TV would give Lucasfilm the opportunity to not only learn how the former Corellian scrumrat worked her way up the ladder of Dryden Voss’ organisation but also how she dealt with her new position post Solo, dealing with Darth Maul. No reason why the show couldn’t encompass Solo, with episodes set before and after the film.

With an initial 8 episode season just completed on The Mandalorian, perhaps a shortened schedule could tempt Donald Glover to once again don the cape and bring Lando back to life for a series showcasing his own adventures around the galaxy, scooping up pots on sabacc tables around the rim and intertwining with the underworld as he does it. With a legitimate superstar like Glover involved, that could potentially be quite the show.

We Got This Covered also claim to have heard news that series focusing on Finn and Poe are also in the works. If true, and as with any rumour we post here it’s just tomorrow chip paper until Lucasfilm confirm it, then we could be looking at 8 episode seasons that either run concurrently or sequentially, meaning for example that the Cassian series would run during January and February, The Mandalorian March and April and so on.

Pure conjecture, but it would expand the boundaries of the galaxy enormously and free up the big screen series to leap in bold new directions. Perhaps a journey to the distant past and the early days of hyperspace travel as the galaxy is colonised and unknown regions familiar to the characters of the three trilogies are as yet undiscovered, or a Cade Skywalker style step into the future? No one outside of Lucasfilm knows the answers to any of this, but with Celebration Chicago only 50 or so days away we may know a significant amount more by April.

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