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As next year edges closer we’re getting ever nearer to another edge – Galaxy’s Edge, which opens sometime in 2019. That monstrous 14.1 acre location will also bring us the Star Wars hotel, and recently revealed permits not only show the layout of the luxury starship shaped hotel but also that passengers wishing to travel from the hotel to the park will be transported in shuttle buses. The ever-informative WDWNT site brings us more detail.

For all of the world’s speculation of walkways connecting the hotel to Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, it appears that guests will actually be transported via some type of shuttle bus vehicle that will keep them in the story while bringing them to the planet of Batuu. Also interesting is that this hotel will handle security for the park when guests arrive and check in. The idea here is you will be enclosed in this immersive experience for set amount of time, only traveling between Hollywood Studios and the hotel’s “luxury starship”, so they won’t take you out of it by passing you through metal detectors and bag check.

And we learn that the hotel will most likely have just 68 rooms in total, so rumours of rooms costing $1000 per night for a minimum stay of two nights could turn out to be true.

According to the permits, rooms come in two sizes: a regular sized cabin and the larger first class cabin. The first floor has 32 regular cabins and two first class cabins. If the second floor has the same layout, the Star Wars hotel could have as little as 68 total rooms. This is gonna be expensive…