Fantha Tracks TV: Vintage Star Wars Toys – The Palitoy Story

For us in the UK Palitoy was to our childhood what Kenner was to other parts of the world. At the recent “Echo Base Live” event the lovely Bob Brechin (Chief Palitoy Designer) did a great presentation on the history of Palitoy and the influence Star Wars had on its range.

A big thank you to Bob and the guys at echo base for arranging for us to film this – you can of course find them on Facebook here:…

Also as mentioned you can see our own Mr Dave Tree’s full Star Wars Celebration Panel on “the effect and influence of the Palitoy Company on Star Wars Toys” here:

And lastly – as shouted out in the vid – you can check out Bossks Bounty’s channel here:…

And Tatooine Times here:

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