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There are a million things that could go wrong at Galaxy’s Edge, given all the many moving parts, but running out of lightsabers, kyber crystals and droid parts – while potentially problematic – surely can’t rank that high on the list. CNBC take a look at these supply issues, brought about due to the overwhelming success and popularity of the park expansion.

Part of the appeal of this immersive new land is the merchandise that parkgoers can take home. These items are exclusive to the shops in the park and, therefore, are highly sought after. However, toys, trinkets and collectibles are selling out fast and may not be in stock for a while.

Kyber crystals, the power source for custom lightsabers, that are sold in canisters have completely sold out. Currently, individual blue and red crystals are still available when parkgoers purchase a Sith or Jedi holocrons, information storage devices that react to the different colored kyber crystals by lighting up and producing distinct sounds and pieces of character dialogue from the franchise.

While Savi’s experience is not being interrupted by sold out inventory, the Droid Depot experience is. According to fans and a Disney cast member, who works in the park and asked not to be identified, one of the R2 unit heads (black and clear) is currently not available and neither are the droid personality chips. The droid building experience starts at $99.99 and no reservation is needed to participate.

Other unavailable items include legacy lightsabers, screen accurate replicas of lightsabers seen in the Star Wars films and TV shows. According to the park employee, the Luke Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Rey, Mace Windu and Darth Vader sabers are currently out of stock. Several Twitter users said the Ahsoka Tano sabers were also sold out, however CNBC was unable to confirm this.

While some fans headed online to voice their displeasure, Disney staff were treating the issue with good humour.

“In character, I like to blame Hondo Ohnaka for being late on his shipments.”

So there’s your solution, if in doubt, blame Hondo.