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News rolls in that a petition has been started to have a Ewan McGregor statue in his guise as Obi-Wan Kenobi erected on Ben Nevis. Almost 20,000 signatures have already been gathered on their way to the desired 25,000 and petition creator Connor Heggie explained the thinking behind the petition and the statue.

“A statue of Obi-Wan Kenobi would be rather fitting, given the mountain’s nickname, the volcanic past and its the highest ground of Ewan McGregor’s home county.

“He would literally have “the high ground”, watching over all of Scotland. It’s poetic, in a way.”

He says there are many materials the statue could be made from, including copper, stone, bronze, brass, marble or iron.

However, no matter the material used, Connor says it must include a plaque that welcomes climbers with a ‘hello there’, as he says it keeps the ‘essence of the character of Obi-Wan’.

He added: “I think this would be a perfect way to honour Ewan McGregor, a statue of his most iconic character on Scotland’s highest ground.”

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