As the world edges its way cautiously towards the end of the coronavirus pandemic, Hong Kong Disneyland looks set to reopen shortly after huge losses caused by COVID-19 and political unrest.

Theme parks, Hong Kong Disneyland and Ocean Park are to reopen shortly, it was announced Monday. The parks, both government-owned, have been closed since late January due to the spread of the coronavirus.

Closure for over 130 days has severely crimped the financial position of both parks. On a conference call in February, Disney, which is a co-owner and operator, warned that Hong Kong Disneyland remains closed for two months operating income could decline by about $145 million.

In its financial year to end of September 2019, Hong Kong Disneyland lost $13.5 million (HK$105 million). It said that visitor numbers had increased by 5% in the nine months before political and social disruptions in the city began to dent tourist traffic.

Hong Kong has recorded just over 1,100 cases of COVID-19 and only 4 deaths. The last fatality was in mid-March.

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