Our friends over at R2-KT are celebrating the artists of the galaxy, shining a light on their work during these tough times which has seen conventions cancelled and postponed and their main revenue streams cut off as other matters take precedence. Each day throughout June, R2-KT focuses on a talented artist of the galaxy, and today it’s the turn of Gina Canady.

“I remember when my dad took me to see Star Wars for the first time in 1977. I was instantly hooked! I would study any star wars art that I could get my hands on, from books to comics I poured over the Art of Star Wars, The Empire Strikes Back till the binding broke and the pages started falling out. I still have that book and still use it to study the amazing images that were used in the movie. It has always inspired me how beautifully diverse the Star Wars Universe is and how hope can come from anyone and any place.“

Gina spends a lot of her time studying, working on her artistic skills, while creating art and star wars inspired art to make people smile and in the hopes of one day getting the opportunity to work for Disney and Lucasfilm. Gina works in traditional and digital media.

Website: https://runyajade.wixsite.com/serenitystudios
Email: RunyaJade@gmail.com
Facebook: facebook.com/JadeRunyaArt

Star Wars: The Last Jedi by Reaves, Michael, Bohnhoff, Maya Kaathryn (2013) Paperback
  • Bohnhoff, Maya Kaathryn (Author)
  • 03/07/2013 (Publication Date) - Arrow (Publisher)