We are delighted to announce that Fantha Tracks will be joining Fangirls Going Rogue for a live watch party of The Last Jedi on the 13th April at 19:00 EST and 00:00 GMT.

If you haven’t joined a live watch party before it’s really easy. Think of it as chatting with friends about the movie while watching the movie!

The rules are simple:

  • Join Twitter and get a Twitter handle
  • You’ll need a copy of the Last Jedi to watch
  • We will all start the film at the same time
  • Use the hashtag #TLJLive when tweeting
  • As the film progresses, comment, ask each other questions, share your thoughts and create polls about the scenes.
  • During the party we ask that everyone is polite and courteous to each other. It’s OK to have different opinions, but please treat each other’s opinions with respect during the party.

We are so excited and really looking forward to the first of many watch parties with ur friends at Fangirls Going Rogue!


Want to find out more?

Follow Fangirls Going Rogue on Twitter @FGGoingRogue, follow Fantha Tracks @FanthaTracks and find the hashtag for the party #TLJLive