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‘Web Summit’ is the world’s largest technology event, and this year they will host a conversation between Lucasfilm’s President Kathleen Kennedy, and Executive Director and Head of Industrial Light & Magic, Rob Bredow.

Kennedy is an eight-time Academy Award nominee, the first woman to have received the Academy’s Thalberg Award, and the President of Lucasfilm. She will be in conversation with Rob Bredow, Executive Director and Head of Industrial Light & Magic, the American motion picture visual effects company founded in May 1975 by George Lucas. Bredow is also a member of the Visual Effects Branch of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

The pair will address 70,000 attendees at Web Summit on the event’s Centre Stage, discussing the relationship of technology and storytelling, developments in film, Kennedy’s illustrious career; and what role Industrial Light & Magic, lead by Bredow, has played in pioneering technology to deliver one of the world’s most successful franchises, Star Wars, from 1975 to the hugely anticipated Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, due for release this December.

Web Summit runs from 4th to 7th November in Lisbon.  Kennedy and Bredow will take the stage for a 25 minute chat on “Creating new worlds: Technology, innovation and storytelling” on Thursday November 7th at 4pm.

Other guests during the summit include WWE’s Becky Lynch,  the whistleblower Edward Snowden, and Chief Negotiator of Brexit Michael Barnier.