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There are many ways to eat your snacks while walking the streets of Batuu – aka Galaxy’s Edge – but there can be fewer ways as cool as dipping into the cockpit of a TIE Whisper and munching on your French Fries.

DLNewsToday take a closer look at this very cool container, and while it doesn’t actually fly it may well allow you to dip into the dark side of the sauce….I mean Force.

This is no ordinary TIE Interceptor. It’s actually Kylo Ren’s modified starfighter known as the TIE Whisper, which was first used as a First Order TIE line interceptor used during the war against the Resistance. During the war, Ren used his TIE whisper to confront Rey on the desert world of Pasaana. You may remember this scene from The Rise of Skywalker, where Rey jumped over his ship and sliced off one of its wings, causing it to crash. Ren flew another TIE of the same model to Kef Bir, where he again confronted Rey in a lightsaber duel. Rey eventually defeated him, took the TIE, and flew it to Ahch-To, where she angrily burned it… and now it’s making a comeback. With fries.

The Kylo Ren TIE Interceptor bucket comes with your choice of fries or a slush for $19.49, or a soft drink for $18.49 (plus tax.) You can find it at Galactic Grill, but we can’t blame you if you take it over to Batuu.