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Despite the fact that he should have been nominated for his turn in The Last Jedi, and is basically owning the world right now with his generosity, talent and general awesomeness, Mark Hamill will be attending this years Oscars and presenting, which means he probably steal the show.

We’ll all be sure to watch out for him on the night, but speaking to the BBC at the Oscar Wilde Awards, Hamill revealed that he’d far rather be watching from home.

“Now I have to put on a tuxedo and be part of it because I’m presenting. Believe me, as big an honour as it is, to be part of it, it’s much more fun to be watching it at home.”

“I hope it’s fun and light-hearted, you know? Sometimes it’s shaded by causes and politics but I think it’s a good time for everyone to just relax and enjoy themselves. I know that’s what I’ll do.

“What happens when you present is you go backstage early – and I don’t come back to my seat. I just hang out backstage, eat all the free food and just stay away from my seat – there’s always the seat-filler. Usually they’re much more handsome than I am, so it’s a win-win.”

Mark will be presenting Best Animated Short, and let’s hope that he is on hand to celebrate some wins for The Last Jedi, which is nominated in 4 categories.