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Fantha Trackers are huge fans of Secrets of the Empire. Mark was among the first group of press to take part in the VR experience while Matt, Martin, Dave, Vince and Paul toured Mustafar a few days later.

After a hugely successful stint at the Westfield London (Shepherd’s Bush), Secrets of the Empire now moves to Westfield Stratford City until June 19th.

Special midweek offer! Use code STARWARS at checkout and get 10% discount & a free digital print when you make a booking for 10am to 4pm, Monday – Friday this week (19th Feb – 23rd Feb).

The experience at Westfield London (Shepherd’s Bush) remains open until March 7th, with most availability during midweek daytimes.

Tickets for Westfield Stratford can currently be purchased for March 29th – May 13th, with good availability at all times.

Still in the dark? Find out what to expect here:

Many of us are planning a return trip, the third for some of the team. Be sure to get booked and enjoy the Star Wars experience of a lifetime.