Details of next ILMxLAB virtual reality project centered around Darth Vader arrives tomorrow

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ILMxLAB‘s next Star Wars project is coming in fast, with a tweet earlier today asking us to stay sharp tomorrow (Wednesday, the day of The Star Wars Show). We take a look back a couple of years, to this post on SlashFilm where Batman writer David S. Goyer discussed the range of this exciting new project back in 2016 at Celebration Europe 3.

Even writing it, we had to come up with what the format is, because it’s not really a script. Like how do you even write this? It’s like a spreadsheet. We spent a couple weeks figuring out how to do that.

And Goyer discussed where the idea came from.

First it was very blue sky and this idea originated from something that John [Gaeta] and Kiri were talking about a couple of years ago. We talked about, we have this incredible new storytelling platform that allows you to feel in a way that you’ve never felt before and possibly feel for someone in a way you’ve never felt for them before, and allows you to feel like you’re in a real place. So we thought, we have the entire Star Wars universe at our disposal, what planet do we want to be on, what location, what character is so iconic that we need to know more about. And we want to experience these things in a way that can’t be experienced in a film or a novel, but can be experienced in VR.

Secrets of the Empire was beyond amazing, so exciting times for those fortunate enough to have experienced that particular trip to Mustafar.