Star Wars Celebration 2019: Star Wars: The Clone Wars Panel

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Not only is Ray Park back as Maul, bringing his unique skills to motion capture the former sith lord – voiced by Sam Witwer of course – but the whole gang are back together, on stage and, at the 52 minutes and 22 second mark, on the season seven trailer for Star Wars: The Clone Wars.

Check out this exciting trailer, another highlight in a Celebration loaded with highlights.

Dave Filoni and special guests celebrate the return of Star Wars: The Clone Wars and share a sneak peek at what’s to come.

Screenrant also trook a look at Park’s involvement in bringing Maul back to the small screen, specifically in the fight scenes.

During this year’s Star Wars Celebration in Chicago (live streamed over at Star Wars’ official Youtube channel), an Ahsoka-centered trailer for Clone Wars’ newest season was debuted. Toward the end of the clip, fans see Maul squaring off with Anakin Skywalker’s former apprentice. After premiering the video, Filoni revealed that Park did the motion capture for Maul. “When you see Maul fighting, it’s gonna be really Maul fighting. There’s just something unique about the way Ray moves,” he said.