As someone who has lived in or very near to Burntwood for all his life, the mystery of the Burntwood Jawa making it onto the front pages of the national press is a big deal. Who is he or she? What is the reason for their scavenger hunt running from Rugeley Road to Burntwood Leisure Center? Who is Wood B Jawad, born just a few weeks after Star Wars arrived in the Midlands? Will I find this wandering swap meeter rummaging through my bins? Read on….

Black Country Live managed to talk to the elusive desert dweller.

How old is Jawa?

“Jawa born in 80s. Best time.”

Why do you like Burntwood?

“Burntwood like Tatooine. Good people, nice village, remote and lots of weirdos.”

Why do you go out at night?

“Walk for exercise, see stars, sniff air.”

Were you attacked?

“Yes. Youths chase, kick and punch Jawa. not hurt though, they just bounce off.

“Just boys who have been hugged too much or too little. They be good people when older or jail. Jawa okay.”

Do you get scared?

“What scared mean?”

Do you have fun?


What is the strangest thing you have seen?

“Met a politician once.”

Have you made friends?

“Lots of people message Jawa to be friend. Cannot reply all sorry. Jawa have real friends too.”

When did you start being Jawa?

“When Covid make everyone sad. Jawa come out shadow to make happy.

How long do you go out for?

“Sometimes hour, sometimes two hours. Sometimes weeks.

What do you do?


Does anyone know your identity?


Are you married?

“Are you offering?”

Do you have children?

“Yes, mini Jawas.”

Why Jawa?

“Jawa is random. Nonsense wakes up brain cells. Cheer up sad peoples.”


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