One of the best things about Celebration for someone from the U.K is the chance to see some of the merchandise that is not licensed and available readily in the U.K.

When planning my Celebration trips, one of the things I do is to go through the exhibitors list and mark off what I would like to see. One of the brands that this applies to is Heroes & Villains, launched by Bioworld.

This company caught my eye with their stylish range clothing and accessories and the reason I sought them out was due to the subtle style of some of their pieces. Die-hard fans you will see their nods to Star Wars, while others who aren’t such big fans will see useful and stylish apparel.

Heroes & Villains seeks to pay tribute to legendary creative minds with respect for their dedicated following. We are here to provide authentic, licensed, everyday gear, made for those who care. Designed with acute accuracy and attention to detail , Heroes & Villains commits to creating pieces that are an experiential extension of the fictional worlds we love.

The stand was well positioned on the main walk through close to the Star Wars Show Live stage and Galaxy’s Edge. With a range of Jackets, t-shirts, bags, wallets, purses and caps there was a lot of product in a small space. They also had an exclusive pin which caused queues every morning.

So what did I get?

Well, it’s no surprise that I bought apparel linked to the Resistance and Princess Leia. The first item I bought was the Leia Handbag

Leia led the Rebellion with a fire and grace that helped secure a Rebel victory. This handbag is inspired by her appearance, with design cues from her hair in the Battle of Endor. The bag features leather-like materials in its build, tassel details, an antique brass Rebel logo, and an internal Wicket-print lining.

The features on this bag include:

  • Magnetic Snap Closure
  • Adjustable crossbody strap
  • Interior Zip Pocket
  • Printed Lining Detail

I was instantly drawn to this bag because it’s nod to Leia’s outfit in Return of the Jedi and I was looking for a bag that I didn’t have to hold, but would sling around keeping my hands free, while being able to have my phone, wallet, keys and sunglasses.The bag is well made and feels like it will take the bashing I will give it. The strap is long enough sometimes bags like this are not long enough for someone who is 5ft 10! It certainly holds everything that I would like in it all the essentials (my new purse !). I have been home several days now and worn the bag around I have had lots of compliments and then shock when they find out it’s nod to Star Wars, so for me this ticks all the boxes for my wardrobe.

The next 2 pieces were ones that were on the list but I waited until the last day to purchase in case I had run out of money. Thankfully I hadn’t!

The first purchase was the Princess Leia Bomber Jacket,

Women’s Leia inspired bomber jacket / mixed materials with back panel quilted Rebel insignia / Wicket lining

Soft washed handfeel

Full printed lining


I had seen this online and then when I tried it on at Celebration it ticked all the boxes and it was reduced in price. I was looking for a lightweight jacket that I could wear in the UK when the weather was right. I love the colours of the jacket and the materials and I think it will also be good for wearing at Comic Cons and because it’s in the UK not many people will be wearing it.

The final purchase was the women’s wallet from the X-wing Collection, this was something I really wanted to see before buying. I am very fussy about my wallets and purses. It was larger than expected and won’t fit into my back pocket if I’m out and about, but that said it’s really well designed and thought out. There’s plenty of room for my cards and bank notes. The coin purse is well sized and will take my spare change easily. The design itself is beautiful again a subtle nod to the Resistance and Rebel Alliance. The ribbing on it matching that of the X-Wing pilots uniform. Time will tell whether the colour will wear well I have taken a risk with the off white colour but I really couldn’t resist!

I was chatting to the guys who were running the stand about whether there would be availability outside the U.S and they would love to have the license for that but as yet there’s nothing in the pipeline.

So I start my campaign now! Let’s get heroes & Villains available outside of the U.S ready for The Rise Of Skywalker...

Come on Lucasfilm, do it!