Amongst the ongoing horrors of the California wildfires, a small story of joy has emerged with a Star Wars twist.

A newborn kitten bearing a striking resemblance to Star Wars favourite Baby Yoda has been rescued from the California wildfires.

The Force was clearly with the tiny moggie, who was found in the middle of a road in northern California by firefighters battling the North Complex Fire a week ago.

She was covered in smoke and ash and is estimated to be around two or three weeks old.

The animal was taken to the Cal Oak Animal Shelter, where she was examined by a vet, North Valley Animal Disaster Group, which named her Baby Yoda.

More than 70 large wildfires are burning across the western US, fueled by drought, strong winds, dry vegetation and above average temperatures.  At least 26 people have died in the blazes affecting California, Oregon and Washington State, with millions of acres of land destroyed, whole towns wiped out, and many thousands of people forced to leave their homes.  Donations in the relief effort can be made to the California Community Foundation’s Wildlife Relief Fund.