Blues Harvest pay tribute to Carrie Fisher

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UK geek band Blues Harvest have paid tribute to Carrie Fisher with their latest recording, ‘Leia’, which is released on YouTube today.

The song is a parody of Eric Clapton / Derek and the Domino’s ‘Layla’ which has been rewritten by the band in honour of Fisher’s character Princess Leia from the Star Wars saga. The band also include their arrangement of John William’s classic Princess Leia theme in the track.

Blues Harvest had a few words about the subject:

“As Star Wars fans, Carrie Fisher was extremely important to us and will always be remembered. We wanted to demonstrate this with our latest video, released on the 2-year anniversary of her passing. She was a rebel and an icon, and I hope she would have appreciated our small tribute.  As Luke says so memorably in The Last Jedi; ‘no one’s ever really gone’, and we think it’s wonderful that her memory lives on in the hearts of every single Star Wars fan today.”

An mp3 of the track has been made available for free to subscribers of the band’s mailing list – to download just fill in your details at and the file will be emailed to you.