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How cool is it that we live in an age where stars from the GFFA can also appear in other mega blockbusters. On 8th March 2019 we will see Ben Mendelsohn in Captain Marvel, we already have Samuel L. Jackson in the MCU and now it appears that Riz Ahmed may be stepping into the DCU as a role in the sequel to Wonder Woman appears to be in the offing.

Speaking about the casting, Jeff Sneider gave a little more insight into the role Riz is being eyed up for.

‘I would imagine that Pedro Pascal is playing someone who’s maybe a villain of some kind… I guess you never know,’ he explained. ‘From what I understood, there were two decently sized male roles for Wonder Woman II, and one was a slippery conman type and the other was an opposing business man… ‘I heard they were looking at Riz Ahmed for that role.’

Fingers crossed that Riz nabs the role.