Given the scoops and insight Anthony Breznican is privy to over at EW it’s interesting to see him spitballing possible answers to the fate of the Force and the future of Rey, but postulate he does as he links up the ship we see over a darkened planet in the The Rise of Skywalker teaser to the vessel blasting its way off Jakku in Rey’s vision in The Force Awakens.

In The Last Jedi, Kylo Ren told Rey that her parents “were filthy junk traders,” who sold her for drinking money. “They’re dead, in a pauper’s grave in the Jakku desert.”

I think he meant “parents” from “a certain point of view,” as Obi-Wan Kenobi might hedge.

Perhaps only Rey’s Jakku caretakers were the drunks who sold her into slavery for booze before succumbing to deaths that were as meaningless as their lives. She definitely saw a vision of a starship abandoning her on the junkyard planet, so whoever was in that ship was leaving Jakku.

The Rise of Skywalker trailer shows we’re going to see that ship again — and likely learn who was inside it.