One of the joys of Star Wars, and a large part of its enduring appeal and longevity, is the questions it asks of its audience and the theories we ponder as we wait for the next episode. With The Last Jedi throwing all of the balls into the air and leaving us to tantalisingly wait another 533 days for Episode IX, one of the most discussed relationships is that of Rey and Kylo, and this GIF by egoshoppe now adds another layer to that discussion.

Hats off to egoshoppe for spotting this. Now we need confirmation of the intent of this visual connection – are Rey and Kylo more connected than we thought? Was Rey’s training foreshadowing the ‘fight’ between Kylo and Luke (if indeed it was a fight, or was Kylo just chasing shadows?) or is something else happening here. Very little happens in Star Wars by accident, so we await further news with great interest.