It’s not entirely surprising to learn that the Colin Trevorrow version of Episode IX was significantly different from the J.J. Abrams version we will be seeing on screens in December, and speaking on the Happy Sad Confused podcast Daisy Ridley broached that.

“Colin sat next to me and I was like, ‘What’s this gonna be like?’ Because all I had heard — I didn’t know what had happened, I just knew that he wasn’t doing it anymore. And he did sort of tell me and sort of not…”

“We had gone for dinner and stuff, we went for dinner with Michelle, who is a producer. So I sort of knew. I think everything happens for a reason, I guess.”

Hopefully the full tale behind the decision by Trevorrow to step away will come to light one day, but until then it’s added to the long list of Star Wars that might have been, including what if Gary Kurtz had remained for Return of the Jedi or the Gareth Edwards cut of Rogue One.