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Speaking to MailOnline, Tom Felton described working with Daisy Ridley, a meeting that at first didn’t seem to go so well as he didn’t believe she liked him.

‘At first I thought she didn’t like me, it was only at the end that [it changed]. I think she’s quite a big Harry Potter fan, so I think she was just freaking out that Draco was her brother!’

And why did he believe she felt that way?

‘Well, because she was a bit quiet with me, she didn’t say too much. I read it somewhere that she was a Harry Potter fan, I may have got that wrong I’m not sure. But we warmed up to each other after a while. We just had to break the ice a bit that was all.’

Tom and Daisy star together in Ophelia, which is out in cinemas and on demand on 22nd November.