Disney’s Bob Iger has spoken with the ‘Masters of Scale’ podcast about the acquisition of Lucasfilm from George Lucas.

For any distinctive brand or business, it can be a challenge to expand reach without diluting what makes you special. No one has a keener understanding of this issue than Bob Iger, executive chair and former CEO of the Walt Disney Company. In this special two-part episode, Iger takes us through how he supercharged the House of Mouse while acquiring Pixar, Marvel, Lucasfilm, and 21st Century Fox. The trick, he explains, is setting up a diverse ecosystem that preserves the culture, methods, and core talent of both old parts and new parts – and fitting them together in ways that make everyone more successful.


In an interesting discussion, Iger talks about how he always wanted to acquire Lucasfilm, that he planned an approach with Steve Jobs, and how the acquisition finally came about.

In the second part of the interview which will be out soon, host Reid Hoffman and Iger discuss what happened after the Lucasfilm acquisition with a debate over control with Lucas.