Emilia Clarke and Paul Bettany have spoken with ComingSoon.net about their roles in the upcoming Solo: A Star Wars Story.

Avengers: Infinity War. But as noble as his character is in the Marvel Studios film, he’s equally villainous in Solo: A Star Wars Story. He plays the evil Dryden Vos, an underworld gangster that sends Han Solo and his crew on their intergalactic heist. Bettany’s character is menacing and prone to violent mood swings, but when I spoke to him about Star Wars, it turns out he has a soft spot for the saga and it played a much bigger role in his love for films than we knew.

By his side is Emilia Clarke, who plays his lieutenant Qi’ra. She faithfully runs Dryden’s empire, but when Han Solo walks in the door, her life is upended. Qi’ra grew up with Han Solo on the streets of Corellia and the young lovers hoped to run away across the galaxy together until fate had other plans for them. Emilia has starred in major franchises such as Game of Thrones and Terminator Genisys, but as I spoke with her it was easy to see she has a special place in her heart for Star Wars and Han Solo himself.