Laura Dern accepted the honours at the Museum of Modern Art’s Annual Film Benefit last week, and was hailed by fellow Star Wars actors Adam Driver and Gwendoline Christie at the event.

Driver: “All of her characters seem to only exist in the moment that we just happened to see them, and then will disappear forever. They don’t feel calculated or contrived, but three dimensional and breathing. From ‘Blue Velvet’ to ‘Jurassic Park,’ ‘Citizen Ruth’ to ‘Marriage Story,’ [in which Driver stars opposite Dern] you’d be correct in assuming that she’s someone more interested in navigating different worlds than being defined by them.”

On the red carpet, Christie told Variety, “She’s embodied people, she’s embodied women, and shown us all sides of them. She’s shown us the mess, the confusion, the very deep conflict, the abstraction. But she always shows us the truth.”

“It was Laura who first told me about the start of a new movement that would become the legal defense fund, Times Up, an organization that insists on safe, fair and dignified work for women at all times,” Christie said on stage. “I had never explored these topics with another actress before that moment, and in telling me how I could specifically make a difference, she opened my mind further, yet again, to how our world could be. Laura is unafraid, and that is incredibly liberating for us to witness in a woman.”