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The days grows ever-closer when the deal to purchase 21st Century Fox goes through, and speaking with The Hollywood Reporter, Disney’s former chief strategy officer Kevin Mayer discusses the feeling within the Disney camp about the acquisition of Fox and the launch of Disney+.

What will the impact of the Disney-Fox deal be on the entertainment industry?

We are going to offer really compelling services to consumers. We are going to let them choose what they want to buy and what they don’t want to buy. That’s starting to have a ripple effect on the industry. We’re not trying to beat anyone or triumph over anyone. We’re just trying to serve our consumers better.

Now that the Fox deal is nearly closed, what keeps you up at night?

The deal closing keeps me up at night, but it is almost done and closed. I’m eager to execute. I’m eager to get these services out in the public’s hands. That is an excitement more than it is a nervousness.