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Independent filmmaker Annalise Ophelian and the team behind the feature-length documentary Looking for Leia announced some exciting news this week. The film will now be produced as a 6 episode series.

(The series) explores the Star Wars phenomenon from the perspective of “fangirls,” women and girls who connect deeply to the galaxy far, far away and are unique in the traditionally male Nerd arena

The Looking for Leia team are part of the #100DaysofOptimism rally and are looking for support through their Seed & Spark campaign. Seed and Spark support filmmakers by giving access to resources. If successful, the Looking for Leia project could be awarded thousands of dollars in grant and post-production support, which will allow initial contributions to go even further.

The preliminary episode list has been announced:

Ep1: A Long Time Ago….

Fan foremothers and how we got here; locating Star Wars within science fiction and fantasy (SFF) genre; 40 years of lining up for Star Wars movie premieres; the history of Star Wars fanzines; class of ’77 fans share their stories; how women are perceived in SFF fandom and the “fake fan girl” test.

Ep2: Playing Dress Up

From the costuming regulations and charitable work of the official costuming organizations (the 501st Legion, Rebel Legion, Mandalorian Mercs, and Saber Guild) to DIYers and YouTube tutorials. Cosplay anthropology; race bending and crossing gender in cosplay; the psychology of cosplay and identity.

Ep3: These Are the Droids You’re Looking For

Droid building and the women of the Stardust Builders Initiative; astronauts and women inspired into space; a Star Wars-themed Air Force retirement ceremony; women in Star Wars gaming culture; women working in STEM who were inspired into science by Star Wars.

Ep4: Representation Matters

How representation on & behind the camera impacts women in the real world; discussion of classic film tropes for female characters in SFF; the utility of sci fi/fantasy genre for marginalized communities and women who experience multiple sites of oppression; a Bronx-based photographer creates a Plus Size Star Wars Fangirls of Color portrait project; how “shipping” Star Wars characters creates visibility for LGBTQ and asexual fans.

Ep5: Thank the Maker

Women creators in fandom. Fashion, crafting, cooking, and dolls are discussed as “feminized” expressions of fandom that are received differently than “masculine” expressions (armor, gaming, action figures). Women-run Star Wars podcasts; a writer shares her Thrawn-inspired romance novel; an artist renders detailed character portraits in papercut; best selling authors on how Star Wars influenced their story telling.

Ep6: Women Built this Rebellion

Star Wars in political organizing and “geektivism”; Princess Leia as visual protest in the Trump Era; Carrie Fisher’s legacy of mental health advocacy and fan response to her passing; women using geekdom as a site of resistance and resilience; women’s experiences of trolling, doxxing, and harassment; how changing gender norms and SFF representation impact girls’ fandom expressions and how fandom inspires their life paths.

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