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At Fantha Tracks we are really looking forward to binge watching The Looking for Leia Series looking at fandom from a female point of view.

Looking for Leia project needs a spark to light their fire and help them to reach their target number of followers for their Seed&Spark campaign to ensure that they receive the full funding for their new 6 part series!

They have exceeded their funding target but need a few more followers to qualify for a grant that will help them ensure the series will have all the grants it requires!

That’s where you Fantha Trackers can help!

Click on the link here , select follow and sign up for a free account for the Looking For Leia campaign .It doesn’t cost any money to follow. The deadline to sign up by is 9pm Pacific Time on April 20th. Your support will help Annalise and the team get this fantastic project up and running!

To see Annalise explain why your help is needed click on the link below

Looking for Leia Seed & Spark Campaign from What Do We Want Films on Vimeo.

Take a look at the trailer for the series you may recognise a few familiar faces!

LOOKING FOR LEIA series teaser from What Do We Want Films on Vimeo.