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The sequel trilogies, Lupita Nyong’o has been forced to drop out of her latest project, the remake of ‘The Killer’ due to scheduling conflicts.

Lupita Nyong’o’s acting services are in high demand right now — just ask director James Woo, who cast her in his upcoming English-language remake of his 1989 Hong Kong action thriller “The Killer”, but then lost her when script revisions took longer than expected and she was forced to move onto another project.

“There was a scheduling problem because she’s so popular right now!” Woo told Deadline of Nyong’o’s exit from the film. “We rewrote the script and it took so much time… she had to leave for another project.”

In the original, Yun-Fat Chow plays an assassin who wants to quit the business in order to take care of a lounge singer who he accidentally blinded during a hit. For his remake, Woo cast Nyong’o in the assassin role, and while he has yet to recast he told Deadine he’s still planning on a female lead