This may seem like an odd post, focusing on a video that we first saw months ago, but it appears that what was believed to be the original intent of the video was – understandably – incorrect. Most viewed the video as Mark Hamill getting emotional about seeing his little green friend Yoda again, but it seems that’s not the case.

So, Mark was choked at seeing the legendary Frank Oz again, old friends that they are after working in such close quarters on The Empire Strikes Back, Return of the Jedi and of course The Muppet Show. Comic Book looked at the exchange.

“Mark Hamill gets emotional when @TheFrankOzJam calls him ‘gorgeous,’” Hamill corrected.

“Oh my god. It’s really getting to me,” Hamill says in the video.

“I’m still upset that he hasn’t aged a day,” Hamill joked when seeing Oz. “I’ve aged… tragically,” he added. That’s when Oz called him “gorgeous.” Adorable!

Many fans commented on the post, clearly enjoying the video.

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