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At the recent Pinewood Triple Force Friday event, Naomi Ackie spoke with The Metro about her experiences on Episode IX: The Rise Of Skywalker.

‘They’re very on lockdown, we never got to take a script home, no way,’ Naomi told Metro.co.uk at the global launch of Triple Force Friday this week.

‘I got to read the script twice.’ She continued: ‘You retain information, each day that you’re on set you get what you need to do the day’s work. But its nice because when I see the film now, because of my memory they’ve faded away and I get to relive it with everyone else.’

‘I did a lot of stamina training, on films like this you’re being so active and you have to stay on top of your regular fitness but for me I had to do a to of archery training and horse riding training,’ she explained. ‘Jannah rides an orback, which we used horses to create this creature, and that was about seven months of horse riding and I got pretty good at it [laughs]. I’m really comfortable around a horse now. These roles you come away with a job…and toys… and horse skills.’