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He ruled Rogue One with his bravura performance as Director Orson Krennik and now Ben Mendelsohn hopes to go villainous once again as the Fantastic Four’s ultimate nemesis, Doctor Doom.

Speaking with the ‘Happy Sad Confused’ podcast, Mendelsohn made it clear that he believes Victor von Doom is “the greatest comic character of all time.”

“The thing that’s appealing about Victor is the damage and trauma, the loss of the family, the wrong done to him and then the takeover, the revenge, and then the protectiveness of Latveria wrapped in that Cold War vibe”.

Mendo is currently in superhero territory filming the long-awaited first Captain Marvel film opposite Brie Larsen and Jude Law. If – if – Disney come to an agreement with 20th Century Fox, or the rights to the characters revert back to Disney Marvel Studios then perhaps we will finally see justice done to one of Marvel’s greatest villains.

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