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Rogue One Explained: The Force of Kurosawa in Star Wars

ScreenPrism take a look at the influence of Akira Kurosawa on Star Wars, and Rogue One in particular.

Scandinavian Sci-Fi Game and Film Convention, Gothenburg, Sweden: February 17-18th 2018

Fantha Trackers really are everywhere! Janne Sandin reports from the ever-popular Scandinavian Sci-Fi Game and Film Convention in Gothenburg.

Guy Henry to attend DevCon Plymouth: 3rd March 2018

Guy Henry will be appearing at DevCon Plymouth on 3rd March 2018.

Rogue One and Solo producer Allison Shearmur passes away

Rogue One and Solo producer Allison Shearmur has passed away.

Rogue One’s Ivy Wong to sign at London Film Fair

One to the youngest Star Wars cast members is coming to London Film Fair - Ivy Wong whom played Pendra Siliu in Rogue One when she was just 3 years old.

Alan Tudyk joins the guest roster of Planet Comicon Kansas City 2018

Planet Comicon have announced that Alan Tudyk will be one of their guests this year in Kansas City.

A look at how the editing process develops Star Wars films

Ryan Lambie of Den of Geek takes a fascinating look at the editing processes and development of Star Wars films.

Take That: Gareth Edwards confirms Gary Barlow cameo was on Crait

So now we know where the Gary Barlow cameo was in The Last Jedi.

Fantha Tracks to rebel at Abbey Theatre, Nuneaton

Rogue One director Gareth Edwards sits down with an intimate audience for a Q&A and viewing of the film.

Novel adaptations for the last three Star Wars films will finally be released in...

Good news for the people here in Brazil, the books take a while to get translated and released here, but this week the publisher "Universe Geek" confirmed on its Facebook page that the adaptations for Star Wars:The Last Jedi will be launched here, plus Rogue One and Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

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