Star Wars Galaxy of Adventures fan edit: Episode 1 “Only Hope”

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If there was ever a style to expand upon and bring to the Star Wars galaxy, it’s the gorgeous animation style of Galaxy of Adventures and here ScoundrelMedia edit episodes of the Disney shorts into a longer, anime style episode in Japanese.

Just to be clear, this is a fan edit, nothing official but enjoy their handywork.

We did not animate this! This is a Fan Re-edit! The Galaxy of Adventures animation team went all in for these 50 sec star wars kids videos. The animation style begs the question, what if we had a whole show in this anime inspired feel?

Just so there’s no confusion the original animations can be found here:

Galaxy of Adventures

We’re back!! You guy asked for it, so here it is! Star Wars Anime Chapter 1 of 4 is here! Thank you guys so much for the support and the positive vibes, its truly been an awesome experience going from 0-2,200 SUBS Y’all are amazing!!!! Sorry this video has taken so long to get out, there has been quite a few hurdles. I have taken some creative liberties with a few things simply because of the limited animations to pull from. I even had to basically re-animate an entire scene from scratch and quite a few other key moments (see if you can guess which ones in the comments) One other big change is of course the scene in the beginning where I added a pretty killer Vader line that appears in the comics, I feel it fits perfect in the hallway scene!