The deepr we go into the era of Star Wars, the more anniversaries like this continue to pop up. Yes, 40 years have passed since the one and only television screening of The Star Wars Holiday Special and Lucas Seastrom, writing over at, chats with animator John Celestri about this infamous show, and the much-loved animation sequence that sits within it.

Today, animation and Star Wars go hand in hand. Many of our favorite stories in the galaxy far, far away have come to us via the animated art form. But where did it all start?

The story of Star Wars and animation begins in Toronto, Canada, in 1978. There, a small animation studio, Nelvana Ltd., was tasked with creating a 10-minute sequence to be incorporated into the upcoming television program, The Star Wars Holiday Special.

The animated debut of Star Wars proved to also be the debut of an iconic character: Boba Fett. The animator tasked with bringing this alluring bounty hunter to life was John Celestri.

“I’m basically a self-taught animator,” Celestri tells “I’ve always enjoyed telling stories and performing. It wasn’t until I was in my early twenties that I discovered I had a natural ability to animate. But you didn’t have schools for animation back then in the 1960s.”

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