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With just under twenty four since the trailer for The Rise Of Skywalker dropped, the Fantha Tracks team have been collecting their thoughts on the final trailer of what will be the end of the Star Wars saga.

Paul Naylor

So I have watched the trailer several times. Certainly not spoiler packed. C-3PO scene is emotionally charge – plus I spotted a battle droid in the background during that part. As for the last word spoken. ‘Always‘. Didn’t sound like Leia to me. Possibly Mara Jade or Ashoka? A good trailer but not amazing.

Patty Hammond

The opening of the trailer was different with all the jungle sounds. Put me in mind of the Jungle Book for a minute there. I like that Finn and Poe get some great lines in the trailer. I know that an epic battle is coming. I KNOW that was The Ghost in with all those ships preparing for battle.

All those Death Star images. Sure puts me in mind of Luke’s Battle over Endor and was that Palpatine in a cloak in his chair that Rey was confronting?

I am very happy that we heard and saw Leia, but only one word?  That was disappointing.

Still so much to process even after viewing it four times. May have more thoughts after I review again tomorrow morning.

Adam O’Brien

Star Wars: Rise of the Nostalgia opens up with more of the TFA feeling of a trailer, not bad.

I like that they’ve got a bit of time for all the characters, not just Rey/Ren. Nice little Easter eggs too I spotted a B-Wing! Certainly feels bigger, and the nods to the past and current saga make this feel an end worth waiting for. Could this be the Return of the Jedi in a way? Who knows? Either way it’s gonna be much bigger


Matt Neve

First things first, the score within this trailer as it builds is just epic. A truly impactful job was done.

Now, onto the trailer itself. It all begins and ends with Rey showing her as the true hero of this trilogy. Her scenes with Kylo showed both animosity and friendship. We still have no idea where that’s going.

It’s huge. The landscapes, the battle scenes, the ships and the apparent odds but also small in the emotional impact that C-3P0 has when talking to his friends.

How will it end? We still have no idea, but this trailer gave me hope, and that’s the whole point of Star Wars isn’t it?

Johanna Nybelius

Dark Empire, yes I’m a legends fan and that is my general feeling of the whole marketing of The Rise of Skywalker and it remains after the trailer.

It manages to push some nostalgia buttons (Falcon, yay!) and get me slightly more optimistic about the film than I was after the first trailer. Is it just the nostalgia though?

Matt Booker

Gives very little away apart from C-3PO and Palpy s chair. The planet with the boat must be a right mess as why not just fly same with the horses.  Plenty of Lando and R2 in the trailer and loadsa cool tech n ships.

The saga comes to a close. I’m looking forward to seeing how.

Greig Robertson

Up until this point The Mandalorian has had most of my attention, but with the final trailer I’m now very excited about Episode IX and counting the days till it’s release. This trailer has so much to delve into and even after several watches I’m ready to watch it over and over.

Great to see all the new cast get featured in the trailer and more of my buddy Sheev! If a few seconds of C-3PO and R2 together can make this grown man cry, I suspect I’ll drown in my own tears during that scene at the cinema.

With what looks like the Ghost in the trailer, I’m hoping we get to see Hera in live action form and played by Vanessa Marshall. Tickets booked, I’m ready to rise!


Martin Keeler

I very good solid trailer in my opinion. Lots to see and little given away. Was not expecting the C-3PO line and it was perfectly placed to sign post that it will all finish in December. Lots to digest in the frame by frame posts but the winner for me is the the music -oh that sweet sweet music………

Carl Bayliss 

Well, the final trailer has dropped, and my first impression was wow!

From the opening scene of a helmet (possibly Rebel Endor commando?) rolling across the floor followed by Rey running through a forest landscape with the previously seen stormy ocean scenes and several new segments to the final ‘the Force will be with you, always’ it was a rollercoaster of questions, without giving too much of the story away – so exactly what a trailer should be.

What part does Palpatine play in all this? Where are all these events taking place? What is the ‘Superman-esque’ ice palace? Why is Threepio being ‘reprogrammed’? All among the many things I now NEED answers to, as well as how does this all wrap up!

The look and feel of this footage (which J.J is renowned for) seems more in line with ‘The Force Awakens’, and although you can’t really read too much into trailer music (as it’s usually recut from other pieces (a lot of SW trailers have reused music from other films or may have been written for the trailer and therefore not indicative of the film itself) the score behind this trailer really added to the emotions and heightened the on-screen action.

In summary, my tickets are booked for 00:01am on the 19th, and for me it can’t come soon enough.

Sergio Lopes 

I saw the trailer yesterday, and I will tell my friends, visually beautiful, breathtaking scenes, the trail then. But I felt that something emotional was missing to impact. Some may even say, “But Palpatine was there.” I don’t know, I have a lot of faith in the movie and I think it will close the saga with a golden key, but even so, I felt that some connection to the trailer was missing.

Clair Henry

I enjoyed the trailer but overall and honestly it was a real disappointment for me. I wanted to see more Leia. The repeat of the Leia and Rey scene that’s been seen in images and teaser trailer was simply not enough for me. I was expecting more particularly as it was released in her 63rd birthday. I am looking forward to this film it will be emotional for sure.

Daisy Ridley is Rey and Adam Driver is Kylo Ren in STAR WARS: THE RISE OF SKYWALKER

Matt Shope

After the spell broke, my first reaction was toward the C-3PO and his cryptic farewell scene. Is it a farewell? Is it melodrama? I am confident the trailer is misleading to the point that whatever I may guess is going to happen is not going to happen.

Anthony Daniels is C-3PO and Daisy Ridley is Rey in STAR WARS: THE RISE OF SKYWALKER

My second reaction….is that Phoenix’s Squadron’s Ghost flying behind the Millennium Falcon. How wonderfully encompassing will that be to include Rebels-material.

There were many more reactions but I am going to clear my head of all that I have seen so far, mute all spoiler material, and countdown the days to December 19.

Andy Lyth

Loved it – the last trailer for the conclusion of the Skywalker Saga is suitably epic and packs an emotional punch with C-3PO’s line. Like him, I’m looking forward to taking one last look at our friends.

Brian Cameron

The trailer was something of a mixed bag for me.  The music, and its build throughout the trailer was beautifully done.  Sadly, it is a mix we won’t hear in the final film.  The look of the film was beautifully shot, sets, locations and scenery all looked great.  It certainly looks to contain a lot of action, and a fast pace which is desperately needed for a trilogy that has been very lethargic.  A lot has been said on the shot of the Resistance fleet, but for me it is too busy.  There is a fine line to space battles, you can get it wrong and fill the screen so much that in the end you see very little – I fear they have gone that way – i hope i am wrong.

The trailer was devoid of plot explanation or exploration.  The emphasis of the marketing is that this is the end of the saga, but really what is left to end?  The Last Jedi didn’t play the role of a middle of a trilogy film, it left little left to explore – meaning that The Rise Of Skywalker needs to be more or less a self contained film.  We still don’t know what that film will be.  The plot should have been explored in this trailer, it was a huge own goal that it wasn’t.  What we are left to see is an end cap for the new trilogy stars, but how does that cap the Skywalker Saga that started with young Anakin path to the Dark Side, and ended with his redemption.  No hints given at all.  Odd.

On what would have been Carrie Fisher’s birthday, to reduce her role in the film to a single glimpse seemed ill-judged for the timing of the trailers release.

However, I’m less fearful for this film after seeing a little more it in this trailer, but I remain not enthused by it.  It’s a strange feeling to not feel excitement for a new Star Wars film.  It’s interesting to see the split in the fandom of those so excited by this release, and I hope they get what they want in December.  But for me this trailer confirms what I have felt, that this trilogy has not been for me and this film won’t change that.  Hopefully it draws a line, and moving forward we get something more akin to Rogue One or Solo that did fill me with that joy only Star Wars can.  Star Wars can’t be everything to everyone.  Thankfully there is enough of it, so we can all experience that moment of captivation.  But for me, this one is a pass.

Mark Newbold

It occured to me the other day that I’ve had a saga episode during every decade of my life, but my 50’s won’t see one, and that kind of made me sad. It was a blast – as always – staying up to watch this final trailer, and while there were certain moments that I popped for (the Threepio scene stole it, the Y-Wing attacking the Death Star, Lando on the Falcon) it’s largely a collection of random scenes….and I like it for that.

At this stage I’d be gutted to have the film spoiled by a trailer, as so many films are, and so to see these images and moments, out of context, worked for me. It didn’t blow me away – the first The Phantom Menace trailer still holds the record as the best ever trailer for me – but knowing that there’s so much to wrap up in this film, so many long-standing storylines and relationships to resolve, a trailer like this worked for me.

I didn’t cry, even though I know plenty of people did (maybe I’m getting old, I think I’d have been bouncing out of my chair in my younger days) but it left me feeling satisfied and most importantly confident that J.J. is going to stick the landing.

I just hope this final saga episode actually feels like an ending before we embark on the TV and spin-off era. I’m feeling good about that.

What are your thoughts on the latest and final Star Wars Saga trailer?  Let us know on social media.