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After just 18 days on release worldwide, The Rise of Skywalker has broken through the $900m barrier, now only $82m away from becoming only the 46th movie ever to break the billion. Currently it’s in 60th position on the all-time list, just behind The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers. By this time next week, we should be celebrating the 5th Star Wars film over a billion dollars.

At the domestic box office, Rise has $450,796,441 and has just entered the all-time top 20, becoming the 6th Star Wars film in that top 20 chart. Next week should see Rise pass A New Hope on $460,998,007 and The Phantom Menace on $474,544,677 as it navigates its way towards Rogue One in 13th position on $532,177,324.

The film also became the 6th fastest film to reach $450m, doing it in 17 days compared to 14 days for The Last Jedi and 20 days for Rogue One. The Phantom Menace took 4653 days and A New Hope 7229 (but be kind to the original, in adjusted figures A New Hope has brought in $1,590,607,135 compared to The Force Awakens with $965,467,843, The Empire Strikes Back on $876,078,543, Return of the Jedi with $839,950,442, The Phantom Menace with $806,487,053 and The Last Jedi on $603,618,885).

In comparison to its fellow Star Wars films in the domestic chart, the movie is slowing quickly, with a third weekend of $33,739,000 compared to Rogue One which brought in $49,609,002 and The Last Jedi which pulled in $52,520,140 on its third outing. While comparable to The Last Jedi last weekend, this time out Rise has a grand domestic total of $450,796,441. In the same timeframe Last Jedi was on $517,218,368 and Rogue One on $424,987,707. Rise look increasingly likely to be bringing in Rogue One numbers rather than Episode VIII, still a tremendous success but less than expected.