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Fandango bring us some very welcome news regarding the sequel to a much-loved Lucasfilm production of the 1980’s that didn’t involve part-time teachers who also operate as archaeologists or characters from a far away galaxy. Director  Fede Alvarez discussed the project which would be “another film within the world” rather than a remake.

“I was actually having lunch yesterday with Lisa Henson and we reconnected with that project. We’re very excited about it. It is basically a direct continuation of the first movie many years later, and I can’t tell you much more about it… but we have a script, and we’re very excited about it so we’ll see where that goes.

Like always, it takes time and effort to put those movies together because they’re larger than life. But that’s one of the projects that I’m very excited about.”

There’s no doubt that a sequel to the original, set decades later, would be of huge interest to Lucasfilm fans and lovers of that first, magical film. While David Bowie is no longer with us, there’s plenty of scope for further tales in that world.