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Fantasy Flight Games take a closer look at the latest boosters and mods from the new Star Wars Destiny booster expansion, Across the Galaxy. Prepare for some happy beeps!

“You came in that thing? You’re braver than I thought.”
–Princess Leia, Star Wars: A New Hope

The vehicles of the Star Wars saga are nearly as iconic as the heroes and villains spread across the galaxy. Vehicles like the Millennium Falcon and Black One reflect their owners—and with modifications like smuggling compartments in an inconspicuous freighter, a loyal R2 unit to keep your ship in the sky, or a little additional firepower on your landspeeder, you can craft the perfect vessel to take you across the galaxy.

In the game, mods are essentially upgrades for your supports, letting you roll out multiple dice or providing other abilities when you activate the attached card. In Across the Galaxymods are exclusively attached to vehicles, letting you customize some of the most famous ships in the Star Wars saga!