Sad news as Star Wars: Destiny comes to the end of its own saga with this announcement on the Fantasy Flight Games website.

Star Wars™: Destiny launched in 2016 with the innovative Duel Dice System, enthralling players with game mechanics that were quick to learn, but difficult to master. Bringing iconic Star Wars characters, locations, ships, and weapons to life on your tabletop, Star Wars: Destiny let you step into a galaxy far, far away through nine sets of booster packs, six starter sets, two draft sets, and a two-player starter set. These epic skirmishes have cultivated some of the most passionate fans in gaming.

We’re extremely proud of what we have accomplished, however, the upcoming Covert Missions booster set will be the last product produced for Star Wars: Destiny. Star Wars: Destiny products will continue to be sold on the FFG website as long as stock remains.

As Star Wars: Destiny draws to a close, Organized Play for this game is also coming to an end. We hope to have you join us for the final Star Wars: Destiny World Championship, taking place on May 1–3, 2020, at the Fantasy Flight Games Center in Roseville, Minnesota, and serving as the ultimate culmination of skill for Star Wars: Destiny players. Tickets will become available on Wednesday, January 15 at 12:00 PM Central Time, and can be found here! Players with reserved seats can claim their seats by filling out the form here.

Even if you can’t join us for the Star Wars: Destiny World Championship, one final kit is coming to local retailers near you—the Echoes of Destiny kit. Launching after the World Championship, this kit supports a series of trilogy sealed tournaments, as well as a special tournament that will provide participants with one copy of every card and die from Wild Horizons, the unreleased tenth set of dice and cards for Star Wars: Destiny. We’ll have more information to share about the Star Wars: Destiny World Championship and the Echoes of Destiny kit in coming months!

We want to thank all the fans who have supported the game since its debut in 2016.

For more news and thoughts from Lead Developer Jeremy Zwirn, click here.

Fantasy Flight Games Star Wars Destiny: Two-Player Game Multi, Standard
  • Control the heroes and villains of the Star Wars saga with two 23- card decks
  • Features sixteen unique and beautifully crafted dice used to bring the epic duels of Star Wars to your tabletop
  • Easy-to-learn rules have you playing within minutes
  • New cards expand your Star Wars: Destiny collection
  • Fully expandable with a wide range of starter decks and booster packs
SOURCEFantasy Flight Games
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