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A recent talk at Montclair State University saw Tony Gilroy, the man who helped rewrite the script for Rogue One as well as directing reshoots, discuss his career and inevitably the conversation turned to the first standalone film.

Rogue One brought in over a billion worldwide — and yet, many still question Tony Gilroy as to “what went wrong?” Upon receiving this question during the Montclair State University interview by Susan Skoog, Gilroy responded in a delicate way.

“When things pass through many hands and there’s a great deal of confusion … and there are all kinds of accessories and jewelry and bootstraps and zippers, and all the rest of the stuff. The purity for the characters, if it’s not there, to begin with, it deteriorates and just turns into an absolute mush.”

It’s a far deeper article than simply refecting on Rogue One, delving into the chatracters of the saga and how they retian their initial ‘purity’ as various authors and media’s continue their stories.