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This evening we learned the name of the home to the vast majority of Star Wars content coming our way over the next decade – Disney+.

Along with the returning seventh season of The Clone Wars, Disney+ will be the homestead for The Mandalorian and the as-yet-untitled Cassian Andor series which pre-dates Rogue One (spoiler alert – it might prove tricky to include him in episodes after Rogue One).

What other series will be joining them is yet to be determined, but with Ron Howard expressing an interest in more Star Wars who knows, maybe Solo: A Star Wars Story will find its further adventures on Disney+.

Click here for a look at the UK home of the streaming service, and sign up for updates on what’s in store, not only for GFFA tales but Marvel series as well – a Loki TV series starring Tom Hiddlestone was also announced tonight.