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Star Wars: Legion World Championships participants Matthew Kissh, Gordon Chace, Eric Riha, Davis Kingsley, Kyle Dornbos, L.J. Peñ​a, and Daniel Lupo speak to FFG about their battles.

L.J. Peña

How much time do you dedicate to practicing Legion and testing different lists?

I probably played the same list to prep for Adepticon from September (when Boba Fett was released) to March. I personally feel that muscle memory is an extremely important aspect of Legion, especially when you’re playing your 8th game in a row over two days. I usually try to get one game of Legion in a week otherwise and will constantly try out different combinations to see what suits me.

Gordon Chace

Do you have any advice for new players looking to get into Legion?

Find a good friend (Mine was John Brader from Tabletop History) that is also looking to get into Legion. Having a good friend involved will keep you motivated to keep playing and will make the total cost of playing Legion a decent amount less if you end up deciding to split the core sets. Second, focus on the objective. The worst two games I ever had rolling dice, I was still able to win because I focused on the objective more than destroying the enemy’s units.

Also, a large part of the Legion community are non-tourney players, so it’s important to cultivate and maintain narrative driven games as well. Lastly, I would say never quit. Many games do not allow for comebacks once the snowball effect has started. This game is not one of them. There are plenty of ways to come back in this game, so don’t give up. I have learned the most from the games I have lost.

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